Does Apple Juice Go Bad?

As you probably know, apple juice does go bad. To be more exact, after storing it for too long it starts to turn into vinegar, and as you surely know, vinegar isn’t something you may want to drink. Knowing that, you probably would like to learn a little about storing apple juice, its shelf life and how to tell if the juice you have is still fine, or if it should be discarded. If that’s the case, read along!

How to store apple juice

Storing of the apple juice depends heavily on the type of juice you have. If it’s sold unrefrigerated, it can be stored in the pantry, as the preservatives that are in it protect the juice from going bad in such a temperature. If the apple juice is sold refrigerated, you should also keep it in the fridge. If you won’t, within a few days the quality of the juice will drop significantly and you’ll probably have to discard it. Rule of thumb is: if it was in the fridge, keep it in the fridge. If not, it probably doesn’t require refrigeration. One thing to remember – if the juice wasn’t sold refrigerated, but its label clearly informs that it should be kept in cold environment, put it into the fridge.

Apple juice

Shelf life of apple juice

Let’s start with unopened containers, cans and bottle of apple juice. If it’s a traditional apple juice sold unrefrigerated, it can be kept in the pantry for at least a year. Keeping it in the pantry for a couple more months shouldn’t be an issue though. If it’s sold refrigerated, then the best place to learn about the shelf life of the juice is its label. The juice, if refrigerated, should be fine at least to the expiration date on the label and probably a few days more, as the expiration date is just a rough estimate.

When it comes to opened apple juice, the rule of thumb is the longer you store it, the worse the quality will be. Opened apple juice should be kept in the fridge and consumed within a few days after opening. After a week or so (sooner if it was sold refrigerated) the juice will start to quickly lose its quality and actually go bad.

How to tell if apple juice is bad

This one is extremely easy. Spotting an apple juice that starts to go bad shouldn’t be an issue – just smell it. If its smell starts to apple cider vinegar’s smell, you know that it should be discarded. Same thing when it smells like alcohol. If it simply smells sour, the juice will be sour and chances are, you’ll decide to throw it away. The rule of thumb here is: if it doesn’t smell like it usually does, it’s already bad or its quality changed noticeably and discarding the juice is the way to go.

As you surely know, apple juice does go bad. When it comes to storing it, in 99% cases storing it the same way it was stored where you’ve bought it is the way to go. It’s quite easy to spot a bad apple juice – if it doesn’t smell fresh/normal, chances are it’s bad and should be discarded.