Does Dijon Mustard Go Bad

Dijon mustard is unlike any mustard you have ever had. This is because its origin started in Dijon, France in 1856 by a man named Jean Naigeon. He decided to use a sour liquid extract made from grapes known as, “Verjuice” combine with mustard seeds to create yellow scrumptious mustard full of smooth creamy tangy flavor you know as Dijon mustard.

Image used under Creative Commons from Jessica Spengler

Does Dijon mustard turn rancid?

Today, the mustard is available all around the world in grocery stores and still made from scratch for its uniquely delicious mustard flavor and texture that taste amazingly as a condiment on top of sandwiches, in salads, as a marinade for flavoring meats and as a dipping sauce for French fries and chicken tenders.

In fact, many people stock up on this condiment so they can always have it on hand, but then they end up asking the question of, “Does Dijon mustard spoil?” The answer to the question is simple. If you store it properly it does have a long shelf life, but over time, it does lose its flavor and creamy texture that everyone seems to love about it.

What is the exact shelf life of Dijon mustard?

The truth is there is no exact shelf life for Dijon mustard. It is always best if you use it up by the use by date, but because it is made with mustard seeds and vinegar juice made from grapes it naturally preserves itself and prevents bacteria from growing in it. Overtime though, unopened and open jars of the mustard does tend to separate, but all you have to do to get the mustard back to its original state is open the jar and mix it up using a spoon or butter knife.

With that said, all open jars of Dijon mustard should be placed in the refrigerator to keep fresh in flavor. If left out on the counter top open it will dry out and lose its flavor making it not as desirable to use as a condiment on top or within foods. At this point, you can just toss it out, or add a bit of water, vinegar or wine and mix it into the dried out Dijon mustard and it should turn into smooth creamy mustard again, but it will not taste as fresh as a freshly open jar of it.

All unopened jars, you can stores safely in your pantry for years at a time and it will never go bad. It may lose its flavor after about 10 years and separate, but it will still be safe enough to use as a condiment.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind for Dijon Mustard

Now, if you dip foods into the Dijon mustard and close the jar back up and store it away in the refrigerator or pantry the mustard will spoil, but this is because food particles mixed in with the condiment and created bacteria. At this point, the mustard should simply be tossed out. You should never dip foods into the mustard and try storing it after because it just will not remain fresh.

It is also important to know that Dijon mustard you purchase in small glass jars hardly ever lose their flavor, but ones that are stored in plastic condiment jars for years at a time will end up with a plastic taste and lose most of their flavor.

Otherwise, go ahead, purchase your Dijon mustard in bulk, and keep it on hand for as long as you desire too. Just remember to purchase it in bulk in glass jars and not plastic containers so it always has the true Dijon mustard taste you love the must.