Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

Does protein powder go bad? Protein powder is a dietary supplement made from one (or more) of the following foods: whey, eggs, soy and rice [1]. This substance is very popular among bodybuilders and other athletes that are trying to build up their muscles. Protein powder is also used for weight loss. Probably the most popular protein powder base product is whey protein isolate. Some nutritionists recommend it as a great source of easily digestible proteins, suitable for. Even though it’s a powder, does it go bad? The answer is yes – it goes bad. However, protein powder’s shelf life is very long so if you store it properly you’ll surely use it before it might even start to go bad. Let’s discuss how to store protein powder.

Storing Protein Powder

Storing protein powder properly is very important and extremely easy to do. Firstly, keep the protein powder’s container sealed tightly when it’s stored. The powder tends to absorb any moisture that it can, so keeping the container with its top on is quite healthy. It stops any water from getting anywhere near the powder. Keeping the container from any sources of heat is also vital.

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How Long Does Protein Powder Last?

On every container of protein powder you can surely find a “sell-by”, “use-by” or “expiration” date. This date is usually at least a year from the production date. It’s safe to assume that protein powder should be fine for at least a few months after the date mentioned on the package. In most cases it will be edible (not spoiled) for a year or even more. Please take into consideration one more thing. Protein powder is usually bought and used because it offers many health benefits. Many people buy protein powder for weight loss purposes only – they just add water and protein powder to a shaker, shake it a little and a protein shake is ready. The thing is – the longer protein powder is stored, the less value it offers. Some nutrients break down due to various chemical processes and the product simply loses its potency. Because of that, even though you can safely consume it after its use-by date, it won’t provide your body with all the nutrients that fresh protein powder would provide. Related Amazon products
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How To Tell If Protein Powder Is Bad

As I’ve mentioned earlier, protein powder has a pretty long shelf life and it might look pretty fine even after 2 or 3 years of storing. So, you’ve found a container of protein powder that’s a few months after expiration date and you’d like to make a protein shake that will help you with losing weight. What you should do? It’s pretty simple – check the looks of the powder and how does it smell. If any moist got into the powder, throw it away. If it hasn’t developed an off odor and it does look as usual, it’s time to taste its flavor. Use a small amount, if it will be spoiled you most probably won’t suffer from any negative consequences. If it’s fine, your free to use it. Remember, as I’ve mentioned earlier, the older protein powder is, the less nutrients it offers. Keep that in mind, especially if you’re a bodybuilder or an athlete and you care about health benefits that protein powder provides.


As you can see, protein powder can go bad. You should also remember that it loses its value with time.