Does Rice Go Bad?

Have you ever wondered – does rice go bad? This article will give you the answers you seek. Rice has been an important part of many cultures diets for thousands of years. This particular grain was grown in Asia and has made its way into other regions of the world from this starting point. Rice is a popular food source for many Asian cultures because it grows in abundance, is relatively cheap to produce and it is easily prepared to feed many people. Nowadays, you can even buy rice for diabetics, with lower glycemic index value than normal white rice.

Rice is one type of food source that can keep for a long period of time when it is stored properly. There are some basic rules of food storage that should be followed when a person decides to contain any type of food source for an extended period of time.

How to Store Rice

There are four rules to storing food and they include temperature control, moisture content, container condition and oxygen reduction. Moisture plays a role in the growth of bacteria which in turn breaks down food sources that they inhabit. Rice has a moisture content that is around 10% and this means that it should keep for a long period of time. The more moisture that is contained in rice will greatly reduce its shelf life.

A cup of cooked and a cup of uncooked rice
Image used under Creative Commons from Rowan Peter

Temperature plays another vital role with storing rice because warmer temperatures will ultimately cause foods to spoil a lot quicker. Bacteria thrive in warmer temperatures and they can multiply on any amount of moisture in food even if the content is low. Most experts claim that 10.8F drop in temperature doubles the storage life of rice. Experts recommend using an oxygen absorber packet to get rid of excess oxygen before storing rice.

Containers also play a crucial role in the storage of rice. A good container won’t have chips, cracks or holes that will allow air to enter the stored product. A good container will also form a nice and tight seal plus it will keep more oxygen from entering into a food. Oxygen oxidizes any type of food source that it comes into contact with. This element will help to reduce the shelf life of food through this process. Experts recommend using an oxygen absorber packet in order to reduce oxygen levels within a container before storing rice.

Shelf Life of Rice

Different types of rice can be stored for different amounts of time. Does brown rice go bad is a question that is asked by many different people and the answer is yes it does. Dry brown rice can keep for 6 months when it is stored away under normal conditions. When a person takes the time to store brown rice is stored with advance storage methods it can keep for at least 1-2 years. White rice will keep longer than brown rice and under normal storage conditions it will last 8-10 years. Different types of rice have varying amount of oil and moisture and this means that they will have unique storage times. Most rice can be kept up to at least a year if it is properly stored.

How to Tell if Rice is Bad

Cooks and people who enjoy eating rice sometimes ask the question “does uncooked rice go bad?”. Rice can spoil (rice for diabetics isn’t different in this subject) and there are some obvious signs that will be present in this food once it does. When rice goes bad it might have a bad taste, funny odor, feel sticky or moist instead of dry , have a change in color or contain a large amount of bugs.

Does cooked rice go bad? The answer to this question is yes. Cooked rice typically can last up to two or possibly three days when it is properly stored. Outside of this time frame it will go bad. People can tell when cooked rice goes bad because it will have a strange odor, a slimy texture, mold will appear on the rice and there could possibly be a change in its color. The information that is presented here can also be used to answer the question does rice go bad.


Rice is probably one of the best foods that can be kept for a long period of time. Many people throughout the world have stored rice for years using preservation methods from ancient times. Most people who cook and eat rice at home will be able to enjoy and store up on this food for longer periods of time when they know the proper way to store this food. Please note – if you suffer from diabetes, please choose rice for diabetics instead of normal one.