Baked banana bread

Does Banana Bread Go Bad?

If the banana bread you’ve bought or baked didn’t get gobbled up immediately, you might be wondering how to store it, or how long does it last. After all, you don’t want it to spoil. Do you treat it the same way you do regular bread, or does it require special treatment? If you’re not […]

Layered cake

Does Cake Mix Go Bad?

Got a half-open container of cake mix that’s past its date and wondering if it’s still good enough to use? Does cake mix ever go bad? Or maybe you’ve bought a package meaning to try out this lemon cake recipe you found online, but somehow you never got to it. Now, a year later, that […]

Does Almond Flour Go Bad?

Almond flour is often used as a substitute for regular flour because it’s gluten-free, low in calories, and minimally processed. But does almond milk ever spoil? It is made from powdered almonds, which is why almond flour tends to go bad more quickly than other flour products. You see, almonds contain a high amount of […]

Does Coconut Flour Go Bad?

Does coconut flour go bad? Coconut flour is a type of nut flour with high amounts of oil. It has become very popular, especially among people following the paleo or gluten-free diet. While there are many recipes dedicated for coconut flour, you can also use it in the recipes you already do. Just substitute 10% […]

Bread loaf in hand

Does Bread Go Bad?

Bought an extra loaf of your favorite bread? If you haven’t finished it in a few days, you probably wonder: how long does bread last before it goes bad? Unfortunately, bread has a short shelf life because it’s vulnerable to mold growth. And even if it’s still safe to eat, it might be stale already. […]