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Homemade pizza quarter

Does Pizza Go Bad?

You ordered a couple of large pizzas for a party and didn’t finish all of them. The leftovers were left on the countertop overnight, and now you’re wondering if they are still safe to eat. Does leftover pizza go bad? Or maybe your last guests just left, and you’re cleaning up. You’d like to save …

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Cake mix bag

Does Cake Mix Go Bad?

Got a half-open container of cake mix that’s past its date and wondering if it’s still good enough to use? Does cake mix ever go bad? Or maybe you’ve bought a package meaning to try out this lemon cake recipe you found online, but somehow you never got to it. Now, a year later, that …

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Brownie closeup

Do Brownies Go Bad?

Chewy, dense, and fudgy, brownies make the best treats. So what if you made a huge batch of brownies, how do you store the leftovers? Do brownies go bad?

Tortilla curry wrap

Do Tortillas Go Bad?

You bought tortillas in bulk and ended up with more than you need. You use one or two every now and then, but soon enough you wonder: do tortillas go bad?