Kefir carton

Does Kefir Go Bad?

So you’ve bought a few bottles of kefir to give it a try. The last bottle sits in the fridge and it’s nearing the date on the label. Does kefir go bad?

does ghee go bad

Does Ghee Go Bad? Do You Need To Refrigerate It?

There’s an out-of-date ghee jar sitting in storage, and you’re not sure if you can still use it or not. Does ghee go bad? Or maybe you have an open jar and you’re not certain how long is ghee good for, or whether you have to refrigerate it or not. Sounds familiar? If so, this […]

Powdered milk closeup

Does Powdered Milk Go Bad

So there’s this bag of powdered milk lurking in the corner of a cabinet in the pantry. And it’s there for who-knows-how-long. Finally, you decide to do something about it. You check the date on the label, and it’s already over a year past that date. Does powdered milk go bad? It’s only powder, so […]

Brie in cheese wrap

Does Brie Cheese Go Bad?

Most people love brie cheese for its creamy mild flavor. Some stock up on it, which eventually causes to ask this basic question: “does brie cheese go bad?”

Can of condensed milk in hand

Does Sweetened Condensed Milk Go Bad

A few years ago you’ve bought three cans of sweetened condensed milk to make caramel for a dessert you wanted to try out. Today, while cleaning up the pantry, you found one of the cans buried in a cabinet. Obviously, it’s already past the date on the label. Does sweetened condensed milk go bad? You […]

Feta cubes

Does Feta Cheese Go Bad

So you bought some feta cheese for a salad or a homemade pizza recipe you wanted to try out. You used half of the block and wonder: does feta cheese go bad?

Philadelphia cream cheese in hand

Does Cream Cheese Go Bad?

So there’s this half-open container of Philadelphia cream cheese in your fridge. It’s opened for a couple of days, and you wonder: does cream cheese go bad?