Coconut oil jar in hand

Does Coconut Oil Go Bad?

Does coconut oil go bad? Coconut oil is one of the vegetables oils, so it can go bad. It has a long shelf life and doesn’t require much when it comes to storage.

Does Pepperoni Go Bad

Since you love pepperoni on a sandwich or homemade pizza, you bought way too much of it. So once you got home, you started thinking: does pepperoni go bad?

Does Lard Go Bad

So you’ve bought lard as an alternative to butter or Crisco. You’re not big on baking, so you’re worried if the rest will last that long. Does lard go bad?

Does Crisco Go Bad?

So you’ve bought a can of Crisco shortening for baking purposes. Since you’re not much of a baker, you use it only from time to time. The opened can sits in the pantry for a couple of months already and is nearing the date on the label. Does Crisco go bad? Or perhaps you bought …

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Chia seeds closeup

Do Chia Seeds Go Bad?

So you bought a bag of chia seeds to up your nutrition game. Going through an entire package takes ages. At some point, you wonder: do chia seeds go bad?