Does Margarine Go Bad?

There’s a half-open margarine in your fridge. You checked the label and noticed it’s only a day away from the date on the label. Does margarine go bad?

Bottle of canola oil and repe flowers on a table

Does Canola Oil Go Bad? Storage, Shelf Life, Spoilage

If frying isn’t really your thing, a bottle of canola oil usually sits in your cupboard in the kitchen for a long time. Now you’re about to fry some meat or make French fries, and you notice your half-open bottle of canola is past the date on the label. Does canola oil go bad?

Does MCT Oil Go Bad?

MCT oil is usually used in small amounts. A tablespoon here and two teaspoons there. That means that if you don’t use it on a regular basis, it will sit in the cupboard for a long time. That inevitably calls for the question: does MCT oil go bad? Just a few years ago almost nobody …

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Sesame oil and other condiments

Does Sesame Oil Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

So you have a half-opened bottle of sesame oil that’s pushing the date on the label. Or maybe it’s already past that date. If you’re using sesame oil only in a handful of recipes, that’s a quite common scenario. So the question remains: does sesame oil go bad?