Lentils and beans

Do Lentils Go Bad?

You decided to go through all the foods stored in the pantry and get rid off whatever is expired or spoiled. During the process, you stumbled upon an old package of dry lentils, and you started thinking: “do dry lentils even go bad?“. Or perhaps there was a can of lentils in the far corner …

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Beef jerky on a wooden plate

Does Jerky Go Bad?

You bought a package of jerky, and found it really tasty. But you’re not much of a meat eater, so it will take time until you finish it. Does jerky go bad?

Whole ham

Does Ham Go Bad?

So you’ve bought a few packs of lunch meat ham in the deli. The price was really good, so you stocked up. And then you started thinking: does ham go bad?