Do Jalapeños Go Bad?

So you decided to whip up your own salsa and bought some jalapeños. The salsa turned out great, but you’re left with a few peppers. Do jalapeños go bad?

Onion in hand

Do Onions Go Bad?

So you stocked up on onions on the farmer’s market, and soon you realized you probably bought more than you can use in reasonable time. Do onions go bad?

Beef burger and coleslaw side

Does Coleslaw Go Bad?

If store-bought coleslaw is one of the favorite side dishes in your household, you’ve probably considered going with a bigger container to save money. The only question is: how long can coleslaw sit in the fridge before it goes bad? If, one the other hand, you like to make your own coleslaw, you know that …

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Butterhead lettuce

Does Lettuce Go Bad?

Stocking up on lettuce is never a good idea. But if you’ve already bought more than you need, you need to know how to go about that. That’s when knowing how to store lettuce, how long does it last, and how to tell that it’s bad come in handy. If you’re looking for a quick …

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Washed spinach

Does Spinach Go Bad?

Buying healthy foods like spinach is easy, but making sure actually to eat them is often surprisingly difficult. That’s why that bag of spinach you were supposed to eat last week is still in the fridge. It’s a couple of days past its date, and you’re wondering if it’s bad already. All veggies go bad …

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