Freezing Dairy

When one thinks about freezing food products, almost nobody thinks of freezing dairy. And there’s a good reason for that – most dairy products don’t freeze particularly well.

That said, most dairy products can be frozen and used in a cooked dish, like in pancakes or in a soup. In such scenario, almost nobody can tell the difference.

Below, I divided all of the articles about freezing dairy into three handy categories:

  • Products that freeze well
  • Products that freeze okayish
  • Products that work only in cooked dishes

Dairy Products That Freeze Well

These products freeze really well. That means the quality of the product after freezing and thawing is almost the same as if it was fresh. Sure, there might be some super minor differences, but that’s about it.

Feel free to freeze these products whenever needed.

Dairy Products That Freeze Okayish

These products lose some of their quality after freezing and thawing, but they’re still quite usable even if you don’t cook them. Of course, they also work really well in dishes that require melting or cooking them.

Dairy Products That Work in Cooked Dishes Only

These products don’t freeze particularly well. Usually, there’s separation and change of texture that you cannot fix by just stirring the product or something.

Fortunately, you can still use these in pretty much any cooked dish that they’re only a part of (e.g. pancakes, melting over bread, and so on).