Do Brazil Nuts Go Bad?

You’ve found an old package of Brazil nuts stashed away in the pantry. You checked the date on the label, and it’s only a few weeks past that date. Do Brazil nuts go bad? Or perhaps you’ve bought Brazil nuts in bulk in the supermarket. There’s no date on the bag, and you have no […]

Macadamia nuts closeup

Do Macadamia Nuts Go Bad?

You decided to do some spring cleaning and have found an olf pack of macadamias stored in the back of a cabinet. Do macadamia nuts go bad? The package seems to be intact, and the kernels look healthy. The only issue is the date on the label, according to which the nuts are “expired.” Should […]

Shelled hazelnuts in a black scoop

Do Hazelnuts Go Bad?

You’ve bought a pack of hazelnuts to snack on, and they sit in storage for quite some time already. They are past their date, and you’re wondering if hazelnuts go bad. Or maybe you’ve found hazelnuts on a sale and thought of buying some to make homemade Nutella? But before you pull the trigger, you […]

Bunch of pistachios

Do Pistachios Go Bad?

Seeing pistachios on a sale is not something that happens often, so when it does, you want to pounce on the opportunity. But before you do, you need to know how long pistachios last, and how to pick the best ones. In this article, we talk about storage, shelf life, and going bag of pistachio […]

Shelled and unshelled peanuts

Do Peanuts Go Bad?

Buying peanuts in bulk usually ends up in a portion of them still sitting in storage a couple of months after purchasing. At first, we’re super motivated and eat a handful every day, or even make our own peanut butter. But after a couple of weeks, that initial enthusiasm disappears. Then, when organizing the pantry, […]

Jars of almond butter

Does Almond Butter Go Bad?

You decided to give almond butter a try, but after a couple of uses, you went back to your favorite PB. Now you’re ready to get back on the horse and polish off that half-open jar, but you’re not sure if it’s still okay to eat. Does almond butter go bad? Or maybe you’re a […]

Sunflower seeds in a black scoop

Do Sunflower Seeds Go Bad?

Found an old pack of sunflower seeds and not sure if it’s still okay to eat or not? You have probably bought it to snack on while watching the game and forgot about it in all the excitement. Now, a couple of months later, the package still sits in the cabinet in the pantry where […]