Protein shake

Does Whey Protein Go Bad

If you’ve bought a few more containers of whey than you needed at a time, the question “does whey protein go bad?” came up right after that realization. We often buy supplements in bulk to save money and often overestimate our needs. Or maybe you’ve bought just a package or two of protein powder, then […]

Does Ground Coffee Go Bad

Does ground coffee go bad? It’s a question that pops up again and again, without a clear answer. While some people say that ground coffee lasts for years if stored in a freezer, this is not a universal truth. Coffee aficionados will be able to immediately tell the difference between coffee brewed with fresh grounds […]

Does Chicken Broth Go Bad

So you have a couple of cans of chicken broth sitting in the pantry for who knows how long. You bought them on a sale, used a few cans, then during spring cleaning moved them to another cupboard and totally forgot about them. Now they’re nearing the date on the label, and you’re not quite […]

Preparing pancake mix

Does Pancake Mix Go Bad

So you love pancakes for breakfast. You used to use this pancake mix, but a few months ago you switched to making pancakes from scratch. Now your mornings are busier than ever, so that’s no longer an option. You dig up your pancake mix you put into a cabinet in the pantry and wonder: does pancake mix go bad?