Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Do Vanilla Beans Go Bad?

Using vanilla beans in place of an extract in a recipe can really enhance the flavor of a dish, but you can only make so many creme brulees, or batches of homemade ice cream! The question remains, do vanilla beans go bad, and how long do you have to use them? Do vanilla beans go […]

Protein shake

Does Whey Protein Go Bad

If you’re a first time whey protein user you’re probably thinking “does whey protein go bad”? If that’s the case, in this article you’ll find some tips on knowing how to store whey protein, what’s its shelf life and when it is time to toss it out. Since it’s cheaper to buy protein in bulk, […]

Coconut Meal Powder

Does Powdered Milk Go Bad

Powder milk is an outstanding staple item to have. It’s often stored there for an extended period of time. That begs the question: does powdered milk go bad? Powdered milk works well for making up a batch of milk when you run out of the gallon of milk you had on hand. It also works […]

Does Pepperoni Go Bad

Just about everyone loves pepperoni. We use pepperoni as a sandwich meat, in pasta salads, on pizzas and in a variety of other recipes. Most of us buy a good amount of the tasty meat, use some on a pizza and let the remainder sit in the refrigerator for days, weeks or even longer. If […]

Miso soup

Does Miso Go Bad

Few people know that miso is actually a fermented food product. This means that it is still living. That begs the question: does miso go bad? Although miso that is sold in a commercial context is vacuum packed, it becomes much less stable once it is opened. Let’s explore miso’s longevity and provide some storage […]

Does Ground Coffee Go Bad

While some people say that ground coffee lasts for years if stored in a freezer, this is not a universal truth. Coffee aficionados will be able to immediately tell the difference between coffee created with fresh grounds and grounds that have been stored in a cooler or freezer for months or even years. Yet there […]

Does Chicken Broth Go Bad

While the average family might be able to use a full container of chicken broth in a week, it takes the average person much longer to consume the same amount. That presents the conundrum of how long the leftovers will last. Let’s take a look at the lifespan of chicken broth, explore how to determine […]

Does Yeast Go Bad

Yeast is useful for making all kinds of homemade baked goods such as breads, bagels, English muffins and pizza dough. Many households have this on hand in their pantries, especially if the household has a family member who loves baking a lot. One of the biggest questions ask though about yeast is, “Does yeast go […]

Preparing pancake mix

Does Pancake Mix Go Bad

Making up a batch of pancakes for breakfast provides a tasty fulfilling meal, even if you’re using a pancake mix. Speaking of which, does pancake mix go bad? Many people don’t know how long it pancake mix lasts, how to store it and how to tell if it should be discarded. Since the meal is […]