Rotten Records – Share Your Snap!

Got a food product spoiled or looking weird? Great!

(Okay, not really, but at least you can help others out there who might be wondering if theirs is okay to use or not.)

Shoot a quick photo with your phone and upload it using the form below. Make sure the spoiled/interesting area is well-lit and in focus, and that there aren’t any identifiable people in the photo (hands holding the product are fine, a smiling face next to it is not).

Legal Stuff

We can’t use photos willy-nilly on the Internet, so you need to agree to a couple of things before uploading the photo. The super short version of it is that you confirm you’re the author of the photos you upload, and you grant the site the ability to use them however we see fit. That means we can post them on the site as is, but also crop them, add extra text, or insert graphics to further help the users.

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