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Chocolate dates comparison: dark and milk

Shelf Life

The date on the label is rarely a good indicator of how long a particular food product retains quality.

Plus some products come with a “best-by” date, while others use different phrases like “use-by” or “sell-by.” It gets unnecessarily complicated really fast.

On DoesItGoBad.com we talk about how long food products are actually good for.


Not sure if some bubbles on top or a slight color change are okay?

It’s not always clear if certain changes to the food product mean it’s gone bad or not. Plus, nobody likes to throw out food that’s perfectly safe to eat.

That’s why we cover signs of spoilage as well.

Discolored strawberry

Leftover banana bread in an airtight container


Should that veggie or fruit sit in the fridge or is the pantry okay?

Often, there’s no obvious answer to this question. Or the answer depends on how long you need to store that product for.

That’s why we talk about storage practices for all of the foods we cover.

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