Hey! My name is Marcin Skrzypiec and I, just like you, eat food every day.


I also hate wasting food, and after seeing that all around me, I wanted to do something about it. I decided to build DoesItGoBad.

DoesItGoBad is a library of articles about food storage, shelf life, and spoilage. I wrote them myself, and try to update them any time I find something useful for the readers.

I do my best to search for information in reliable sources, such as universities’ websites, sellers of certain food products, and so on. Whenever possible, I link to the source of information, so you know I’m not pulling it out of thin air.

Quite a lot of the info comes from my own experiences with certain foods, and yours might be slightly different. That’s okay.

What are my credentials, you ask?

I don’t think you need a degree to write about how to handle food so it doesn’t go bad. Everyone already tries to do that on their own.

I’m only providing some helpful tips so that you can make the most out of what you’ve bought or grown, without worrying that it spoils.

Expiration date
(credit: julianbleecker)