Broth in a white bowl

Do Bouillon Cubes Go Bad?

No time to make chicken stock? With bouillon cubes, you can make it in minutes. They come in packs, though, and sooner or later you will end up with old cubes. Do bouillon cubes go bad? Or maybe your beef cubes are nearing their date, and you’re looking for ways to extend their shelf life. […]

Does Tomato Paste Go Bad?

Do you know what’s the worst thing about tomato paste? It’s the fact that most recipes call for only a tablespoon or two of it. You open a can of tomato paste, add as much as you need for the dish you’re preparing and put the rest into the fridge. And you promise yourself that […]

Does Agave Nectar Go Bad

If there’s an opened bottle of agave nectar that’s sitting in a cabinet for quite a long time already, you start thinking if this sweetener can spoil. The question “does agave nectar go bad?” comes up sooner or later. You know that it’s high in sugar and that it’s supposed to last a long time, […]


Does Xylitol Go Bad?

Sweeteners like sugar or xylitol have a unique ability to disappear in a cabinet only to be found months, or even years later. One day you decide to organize the kitchen cabinet, and there’s a half-opened bag of xylitol lurking in the corner. Does xylitol go bad? You thought you finished that bag months ago, […]

Raw vanilla beans on a cutting board

Do Vanilla Beans Go Bad?

Let’s face it, vanilla beans don’t have that many uses in the kitchen. I mean you can only make so many creme brulees or batches of homemade ice cream. At some point, you start to wonder if the beans you’ve got are still okay to use. That’s when the question “do vanilla beans go bad?” […]

Chocolate syrup bottles

Does Chocolate Syrup Go Bad?

You haven’t made ice cream sundaes in forever, but somehow there’s a bottle of chocolate syrup in your fridge. And there’s a spare bottle that’s sitting on the bottom shelf of your pantry for almost two years. When that happens, the question “does chocolate syrup go bad?” becomes highly relevant. Fortunately for you, chocolate sauce […]

Does Rice Vinegar Go Bad

Some varieties of vinegar are quite popular, like balsamic or apple cider vinegar, while others not so much. Rice vinegar belongs to the latter group. You’ve probably bought a bottle because a recipe called for it. Now you find yourself with rice vinegar that’s past the date on the label. Does rice vinegar go bad? […]

Does White Wine Vinegar Go Bad

White wine vinegar isn’t one of the condiments people use all the time. More often than not, it sits in storage for weeks or even months untouched. Now, as you were about to use it in a soup or sauce, you noticed that it’s past the date on the label. Does white wine vinegar go […]