Does Tomato Paste Go Bad?

You know what the worst thing about tomato paste is? It’s the fact that most recipes call for only a tablespoon or two of it. So you open a can of tomato paste, add as much as you need for the dish you’re preparing and put the can into the fridge. And you promise yourself […]

Does Sriracha Go Bad?

Unless you or your family are hot sauce aficionados, a bottle of sriracha probably lasts months or even years in your house. You use it only when a recipe calls for it. Since you’re not keen on making everyday dishes like eggs, grilled meats, or soups extra hot, you use it once in a blue […]

does beef broth go bad

Does Beef Broth Go Bad?

Maybe homemade soups or stews based on beef broth aren’t a thing in your family. You bought a few cans of the broth, used one or two and put away the rest into storage. It’s been a few months since that, and now the tins are nearing the date on the label. Does beef broth […]

Does Teriyaki Sauce Go Bad?

So there’s an opened bottle of teriyaki sitting in the kitchen cabinet for quite some time. You’re not sure if it’s still safe to eat, or if you should discard it. And your aunt said that teriyaki sauce has to be refrigerated after opening. Does teriyaki sauce go bad? That’s the kind of question that […]

Does Fish Sauce Go Bad?

So you just found a half-open bottle of fish sauce. You have bought it, used a few times, and put into storage. Now a few months have passed, and you’re not quite sure if you can still use it. Does fish sauce go bad? Such a scenario is quite common, especially for condiments like fish […]

Does Agave Nectar Go Bad

If there’s an opened bottle of agave nectar that’s sitting in a cabinet for quite a long time already, you start thinking if this sweetener can spoil. The question “does agave nectar go bad?” comes up sooner or later. You know that it’s high in sugar and that it’s supposed to last a long time, […]


Does Xylitol Go Bad?

Sweeteners like sugar or xylitol have a unique ability to disappear in a cabinet only to be found months, or even years later. So one day you decided to organize the kitchen cabinet, and there’s a half-opened bag of xylitol lurking in the corner. Does xylitol go bad? You thought you finished that bag months […]