Flash Freezing

Flash freezing is one of the most useful freezing techniques. It’s an optional step in the freezing process of many foods, but in most cases, it’s totally worth to take the extra 5 or 10 minutes to do it. In this article, we will go through what flash freezing is, how to do it, and […]

Freezing in Ice Cube Trays

Most of us use ice cube trays to, well, make ice cubes. But you can use ice cube trays to freeze a variety of foods. This way you can avoid waste, and sometimes even prepare some food in bulk and store it for the long term. In this article, we’ll go through how to freeze […]

Distilled Spirits FAQ

Whether you buy distilled spirits for your personal enjoyment or to mix drinks for guests, it’s important to know how to store different types of alcoholic drinks to get your money’s worth! While there are different variations of distilled drinks, there are 6 types of base distilled spirits: brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. […]

How to Preserve Fruits in Sugar Syrup?

Preserving foods in syrup remains as one of the oldest and most effective preservation methods for fruits. Adding syrup to fruits help retain the food’s flavor, color, and shape. It doesn’t require anything besides the fruits, water, sugar, some jars, and a bit of time. In this article, we will go through different types of […]

Blanching FAQ

Blanching is the bread and butter of freezing vegetables. It’s a must for many veggies unless you want them to their flavor, texture, and taste after being frozen and thawed (NCFHFP, UME). If you didn’t blanch anything before, you probably have a bunch of questions. Questions like why is this so important and how to […]

How to Defrost Food Safely

Freezing is a pretty convenient way of preserving most types of food. Thawing, on the other hand, is not that convenient because it takes time. That means it often requires you to plan ahead to have the food ready for cooking or reheating when needed. Also, if you don’t defrost food properly, there’s a risk […]

Microwaving Food FAQs

What was food reheating like before the microwave was invented? Reheating foods, though easy enough when done the old-fashioned way, became infinitely easier with a microwave oven. You can use the microwave oven to reheat everything from leftover pizzas to week-old soups. The purpose of modern microwave ovens is no longer limited to reheating foods. […]

Food Labels and Nutrition Terms Explained

Food and nutrition labels are there to help consumers choose a healthier diet, at least in theory. Understanding all the information found in these labels is important especially for people who stick to special diets as well as consumers who suffer from food sensitivities. Unfortunately, certain label terms are either confusing or information about the […]

Food Date Terms and Their Meaning

Food labels offer a wealth of information about different foods. Unfortunately, the terms slapped on these labels are often confusing or hard to interpret. Understanding the meaning of different food date terms will help you make an informed decision about the food you buy. We’ve outlined the most common food date terms below and their […]