Does Crisco Go Bad?

Does Crisco go bad? Crisco is a food company known for its shortening. Shortening is often used in place of oil for baking and frying. Using shortening instead of oil leads to fluffier, lighter, and flakier baked goods. Since shortening is a delicate ingredient, it will go bad at some point. Generally, shortening will go […]

Does MCT Oil Go Bad?

MCT oil is usually used in small amounts. A tablespoon here and two teaspoons there. That means that if you don’t use it on a regular basis, it will sit in the cupboard for a long time. That inevitably calls for the question: does MCT oil go bad? Just a few years ago almost nobody […]

Store Grape Seed Oil in Dark Bottles

Does Grape Seed Oil Go Bad?

Because of its high smoke point, grape seed oil has become a favorite of home chefs for frying and other high temperature cooking applications. Of course, you’re unlikely to use a whole bottle for a recipe! How long will that open bottle last, and does grape seed oil go bad? Does grape seed oil go […]

Does Margarine Go Bad

Margarine is a buttery spread made from vegetable oil and water, which gives it a lesser fat content than butter making it an option to use on vegetables, breads and other food goods. Some of you may even have huge tubes of margarine in your refrigerator or even a box of it wrapped up in […]

Does Cooking Oil Go Bad

Chances are you have a bottle of cooking oil siting around inside your pantry. There are many different types of cooking oils, that each has their own unique flavors. If you are someone who cooks with oil often, whether its baking, frying, or pan cooked you probably go through bottles of this stuff quickly. Otherwise, […]

Does Bacon Grease Go Bad

If you are a bacon lover and cook bacon often, you probably know that there is always tons of fat left over in the pan after cooking it. If you are like most people, you probably strain it out into a jar or container and store it away until you want to use it for […]

Does Lard Go Bad

For centuries lard also known as rendered pig fat is useful for cooking and baking purposes. Most people keep lard in their pantry or on the countertop near the stove, but lard stays, the freshest longest when you keep it in the refrigerator between uses. Not doing so will cause the lard to spoil making […]

Peanuts and oil

Does Peanut Oil Go Bad

‘Does peanut oil go bad?’ It is a question often asked by people who use this oil is for baking, cooking, and frying to give food a nutty flavor. Fortunately enough, the shelf life of peanut oil is similar to other oils, which means they last quite a long time. Let’s discuss storing peanut oil, […]

Does Canola Oil Go Bad?

If you’re wondering “does canola oil go bad”, you’re in the right place. Canola oil is a vegetable oil, therefore its shelf life is similar to other veggie oils