Does MCT Oil Go Bad?

Does MCT oil go bad? Medium-chain triglycerides or MCT oil is a type of saturated oil used for a variety of purposes. It is often used in place of ordinary oil as a health food or perhaps, as a cooking oil.  The body converts MCTs into energy quickly, extending stamina and boosting mental clarity while working out. This is the reason why MCTs are quite popular among bodybuilders and gymgoers.

While saturated oil gets bad press for its possible health risks, it is the most stable oil there is. This means all types of MCT oils have a long shelf life. And though saturated oil has been vilified for its health risk, healthy oils like coconut oil may be beneficial to the health. Palm kernel oil is another example of MCT oil.

As a health food, MCT oils are often sold in bulk. What if you have bottles of this oil, how do you store these products and extend their shelf life? Read on to find out:

Image used under Creative Commons from Marco Verch

How to Store MCT Oil?

Since saturated oil is a stable oil, it is ideal for cooking and long storage. This means storing the oil is easy as can be. The best way to store sealed bottles of MCTs is to keep them in the cupboard, away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. You can also store the oil in the pantry but the container must be sealed at all times.

Generally, this oil is sold in an opaque or dark bottle to protect the product from direct sunlight but take extra precautions. Keeping the product away from sources of heat reduces the risk of spoilage. There is no need to refrigerate the oil unless it is nearing its expiry date because the oil might solidify. You’ll also extend the shelf life of MCT oil by keeping it away from moisture and air exposure. Do note that opening and closing the container of the oil increases the risk of rancidity.

Shelf Life of MCT Oil

An opened bottle of MCT oil should keep for a year or so. A sealed bottle of MCT oil will keep for longer. The expiry date of the product is always indicated on the label so check the date. This is the kind of product that’s best consumed immediately. When stored for a long time, the oil will degrade. This goes even for sealed bottles of MCT oil. Always keep the product in an airtight container to retain its original flavor.

Image used under Creative Commons from Marco Verch

How to tell if MCT Oil has Gone Bad?

It’s easy to tell if MCT oil has gone bad, it will start to give off an odd odor. The taste will change too. The clarity, texture, and the color of the oil are also altered once the oil has gone bad. When the oil has been kept for too long in the pantry, err to the side of caution and discard it. The product might’ve gone bad despite the lack of obvious signs of spoilage.


Does MCT oil go bad? Yes, when it’s improperly stored, it will go bad at some point. Storing MCT oil is easy but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing it. Just keep all the storage tips we have outlined in this guide to ensure the longevity of the oil.