Does Margarine Go Bad

Margarine is a buttery spread made from vegetable oil and water, which gives it a lesser fat content than butter making it an option to use on vegetables, breads and other food goods. Some of you may even have huge tubes of margarine in your refrigerator or even a box of it wrapped up in quarter sticks. Unfortunately, margarine spoils quickly after opening so it is always wise to purchase only what you need. However, you can increase the shelf life of margarine by doing a few simple things.

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What are the ways margarine’s shelf life can increase?

You can increase margarines shelf life by purchasing it in tubby containers instead of quarters. As soon as you open up a margarine quarter from the aluminum or paper wrapping, use what you need and stick it back in the refrigerator, it begins changing in color because it is not properly sealed up right. This can also cause the stick of margarine to change in flavor and texture. If you are going to take and use margarine from a stick form, it is best to store the left over margarine left in an airtight container. Otherwise, the unopened stick of margarine will only stay fresh for about a week. This is why it is always best too purchase margarine in tubby containers that seal up tightly because they can stay fresh for up to a month instead. However, if the tubby of margarine has never been open it will stay fresh in your refrigerator for up to 5 months.

Is margarine still okay to eat up after the expiration date?

It is always wise to eat up margarine before the expiration date. With that said, if your margarine does not have an odor to it, has not changed in color or texture and there is not any kind of mold growing in it, it should be perfectly okay to use. Although, it is not wise to use the margarine if the expiration date is far pass a couple weeks or months. Instead, it is simply best if you go out, purchase fresh margarine, and use that instead.

With all that said, you could use margarine from the freezer that is past the expiration date because the freezing process preserves the margarine as long as it was frozen properly, which makes the expiration date incorrect to go by. It is still wise to use the margarine up within a few weeks from removing it from the freezer because it does tend to spoil fast after the defrosting process.

End Notes to Keep in Mind

When it comes to margarine, it is always best to use it up fresh within the first few weeks of purchasing it. This is when it has the best creamy mimicking butter flavor and texture to it and tastes the best as a spread over bread, muffins, vegetable dishes and meats. Otherwise, it is always best to toss out spoiled margarine, replace it with new margarine, and too only purchase the amount you need so you are not worrying about trying to extend the shelf life out of it or whether or not it is good or bad.