Many flavours of donuts

Do Donuts Go Bad?

Donuts aren’t exactly known for their shelf life. Whenever I buy some, I grab only as many as I want to eat that day. But if you’ve purchased a bunch for a birthday party, there will be leftovers. How do you keep donuts fresh for longer than a day? Donuts are notoriously difficult to store, …

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Do Marshmallows Go Bad?

So you love marshmallows, and you’ve bought yourself a large bag. After opening the package and getting started on the sweets, you realized it will be quite some time until you finish the pack. That’s when you began to wonder: do marshmallow go bad? Or maybe you’re only getting started on your marshmallows journey. And …

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Orange Jam With Wooden Spoon Top View

Does Jam Go Bad?

You decided to clean your pantry and guess what, there are several unopened jams in there. Some of them are past the date on the label. Does jam go bad?

Homemade dark chocolate fudge

Does Fudge Go Bad

So you’ve bought a big slab of fudge at candy shop. Or even ordered online, since that’s a thing now. And after a few days you wonder: does fudge go bad?