Baking and Baked Goods

This category is all about everything related to baking. It includes articles about bread, flatbreads, baking ingredients, ready-made mixes, and even some baked goods.

Bread and Flatbread

Not sure how long bread stays good for? It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Often, we have no idea about the shelf life of food products that we eat every day. That’s often because we eat them fresh or within a few days tops, so we never worry about them growing mold or becoming stale.

If you’re at a point you need look things up, those articles are for you.


It’s not always obvious how long a baking ingredient lasts. Some of them, like sugar, can last for years, while others (I’m looking at you, baking powder), not as long.

If you’re not sure if one of yours is still okay to use, you’ll find these articles helpful.


Baking mixes usually come with a long shelf life, but do they last forever? Probably not.

The articles below share everything you need to know about using old mixes to get the most out of them without ending up with a flat cake or pancakes.

Baked Goods

There’s an ongoing debate on how you should store various baked goods and for how long.

If you’re not sure if your pie or cake needs refrigeration, or what’s the best way to store it so that it doesn’t dry out quickly, those articles are for you.