Can You Freeze Tortillas? (Pics & Video)

You have a couple of leftover tortillas in storage. You don’t have any plans for them right now, but you don’t want them to spoil. Can you freeze tortillas?

Or perhaps you’ve prepared a huge batch of homemade tortillas, and need to store them for longer than a couple of days.

Either way, freezing seems to be the perfect solution. But before you put those thin pancakes into the freezer, you want to know how that works out.

Sounds familiar? If so, read on.

Prepping tortilla roll up
Prepping tortilla roll up

Can You Freeze Tortillas?

No matter if you have wheat or corn tortillas, freezing them works perfectly fine (just like freezing bread slices).

The wraps freeze well and taste pretty much the same after thawing and reheating. That means there’s no need to worry about the quality.

The important thing is that tortilla wraps tend to freeze together, and it’s almost impossible to separate them without shredding. That’s true both before and after thawing.

That means you probably won’t be able to split the three wraps you froze together into three tortillas without doing any damage.


Don’t just put the tortillas in their original wrapping into the freezer. They’ll freeze together and be difficult to separate.

Tortilla separated with breadcrumbs
Tortilla separated with breadcrumbs

Fortunately, you can easily fix that issue by placing a divider between each one. That allows you to grab as many frozen tortillas as you need without any hassle.

When it comes to choosing the divider, there are at least two options.

The first is to use aluminum foil or plastic wrap. Both do their job well but also generate a lot of plastic waste. And all of us could use less plastic, right?

The second option is to go with something that you can then throw in your compost bin, like breadcrumbs. A thin layer is all it takes for the wraps not to freeze together.

Tortilla roll-up ready for eating
Tortilla roll-up ready for eating

How To Freeze Tortillas?

The process of freezing tortilla wraps is quick and simple. Grab something to wrap the tortillas (like a large freezer bag or aluminum foil), your divider of choice, and let’s go.

  1. Put the divider between each wrap. If you went with foil, cut pieces large enough to roughly cover the tortilla and place one between each wrap. If you went with breadcrumbs, a couple of pinches on each one should be enough. Make sure you spread the crumbs evenly.
  2. Wrap the tortillas. Now that the thin pancakes are nice and ready, it’s time to wrap them. Make sure they’re wrapped tightly, and squeeze out the air if you’re using a bag. Add a label if you like.
  3. Put the package in the freezer.

That’s it. Your tortillas can sit in the freezer for at least a couple of months without any significant loss of quality. And you can quickly grab as many as you like.

Tortillas wrapped for freezing
Tortillas wrapped for freezing

How To Defrost and Reheat Tortillas?

Start by taking as many tortillas from the freezer as you need. There’s no need to worry about doing that early, as they thaw in no time. That is assuming that you’re defrosting them individually, not as a big pile.

The most popular options include:

  • At room temperature. Leave the wrap on a plate on the counter for about 10 minutes. Turn upside down after the first five. Now it should be ready for reheating.
  • On the stove. A couple of minutes on a warmed up non-stick pan is all it takes to defrost and reheat a tortilla. If you don’t need it warm, finish early.

Once your tortillas are nice and warm, they’re ready for whatever you’ve planned them for.

Thawing and reheating a tortilla on the stove
Thawing and reheating a tortilla on the stove

Using Frozen & Thawed Tortillas

Frozen and thawed tortilla wraps aren’t much different from fresh ones. That means you can use them in basically any recipe you like. Those include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tacos.
  • Burritos.
  • Enchiladas.
  • Quesadillas.
  • Tortillas roll-ups.
  • Fajitas.

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from, so go with your heart’s desire.

Tortilla roll up
Tortilla roll up

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