Dairy products are among the most popular food products out there. If you consume dairy, you likely have at least a couple of servings of one (or more) of the products below every day.

Milk & Derivatives

These are some of the most popular dairy staples, such as milk, yogurt, and buttermilk. Many people have these in the fridge ready at all times, eat them almost every day, and buy them every time they’re in the grocery store.

Then there are also milk derivatives such as evaporated and condensed milk. The former is used most often in soups and other cooked dishes, while the latter is a must-have for numerous desserts.

Finally, we have powdered milk. A good option if you’re not that big on dairy, and only need a glass of milk every now and then, probably for pancakes or hot chocolate.

Cream & Derivatives

Cream products have a vast number of uses, ranging from soups (sour cream), through desserts (heavy cream) to a popular coffee whitener such as half and half.

Then there’s butter and ghee that both have dozens of uses.

Fresh Cheese

For starters, we have popular cheesecake ingredients, such as cream cheese and ricotta.

Then there is cottage cheese, which can be used in almost anything (or consumed as-is).

Finally, we have mozzarella (one of the most popular pizza toppings), and its derivative – string cheese.


No matter if you’re prepping simple breakfast sandwiches, toasts, or a cheese platter for a family gathering, cheese is pretty much a must-have.

Other Products

This subcategory includes other dairy products (or not exactly dairy products, such as Velveeta) that didn’t fit into any of the subcategories above.