Bell peppers side by side

How Long Do Bell Peppers Last?

You’ve bought a bag of bell peppers on a sale, and now you’re wondering: how long do bell peppers last before they go bad? Or maybe there are a couple of sweet peppers in your fridge. And they sit there for a few days already. Now you want to know how much time you have […]

Rhubarb stalks

How To Store Fresh Rhubarb

You’ve bought a bunch of rhubarb stalks to make rhubarb pie. It turns out you have to postpone that baking project. How do you store fresh rhubarb, and how long does it last? If this is the first time you’ve bought rhubarb, or you always used it right away, and now you need to keep […]

How to Freeze Garlic: Step by Step with Pictures

I started googling phrases like “can you freeze garlic” the day I noticed my bulbs started developing mold. This article is a summary of my findings. One day I checked on a couple of garlic bulbs I had in storage, and it turned out there was a bunch of black dots on the outer layer […]

Fresh green beans

Do Green Beans Go Bad?

Green beans are in season only for a few months, so when they’re available, it’s easy to go overboard and buy too much. If that’s you, you need to know how long green beans last before they go bad. Like many veggies, green beans don’t keep for too long, but they freeze well. That means […]

Beef burger and coleslaw side

Does Coleslaw Go Bad?

If store-bought coleslaw is one of the favorite side dishes in your household, you’ve probably considered going with a bigger container to save money. The only question is: how long can coleslaw sit in the fridge before it goes bad? If, one the other hand, you like to make your own coleslaw, you know that […]

Butterhead lettuce

Does Lettuce Go Bad?

Stocking up on lettuce is never a good idea. But if you’ve already bought more than you need, you need to know how to go about that. That’s when knowing how to store lettuce, how long does it last, and how to tell that it’s bad come in handy. If you’re looking for a quick […]

Brussel sprouts on wooden table

Do Brussel Sprouts Go Bad?

You probably hated brussel sprouts as a child. But now, as a grown-up, you decided to give them another chance. That’s why you’ve bought a bunch on the farmer’s market. Having zero experience with these veggies, you need a quick primer. After all, you don’t want the brussel sprouts to go bad. And that’s why […]

Fresh radishes on table

Do Radishes Go Bad?

Radishes most often come in bunches, and unless you eat a ton of radishes, going through a bunch takes some time. And when they sit in the fridge for a week already, questions like when do radishes go bad, or how long do radishes last, start to pop up. In this article, we cover storage, […]

Cauliflower closeup

Does Cauliflower Go Bad?

Cauliflower is one of those veggies that are available in the supermarkets year-round. But when it’s in-season in your area, the selection is much better and the price lower. And that’s when we buy too much of it. If you’ve brought home two or three cauliflower heads instead of the usual one, you need a […]

Do Shallots Go Bad?

You heard shallots add flavor to cooked dishes, so you’ve bought a bunch. A couple of weeks later, half of them are still in storage, and you’re thinking: do shallots go bad? Shallots indeed help add flavor to many cooked dishes, and are one of the favorite ingredients for both chefs and amateur cooks alike. […]