Nuts and seeds

Do Pecans Go Bad?

So you’re trying to level up your nutrition. You bought a few bags of pecans for a healthy snack instead of your normal mid-morning cookie. Now the nuts are great and all, but after storing them for a few months you start to wonder: do pecans go bad? Or maybe you bought a bag, and …

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Bunch of pine nuts closeup

Do Pine Nuts Go Bad?

So you decided to buy pine nuts to make homemade pesto. Now you realized that going through the entire bag will take some time. Do pine nuts go bad?

Cashews in a black scoop

Do Cashews Go Bad?

So you bought cashews to level up your nutrition game, and you noticed that the label says that you should finish the jar within 2 weeks. Do cashews go bad?

Bunched of unpeeled almonds in a mesh bag

Do Almonds Go Bad?

As with all types of nuts, almonds are sold in bulk or in large bags. So what if you bought more almonds than you can handle, do almonds go bad?

Unshelled walnuts in a mesh bag

Do Walnuts Go Bad?

So you’ve bought a pack or two of walnuts for holiday baking. Now that you’re done with baking, it’s time to store the leftovers. Do walnuts go bad?

Shelled and unshelled peanuts

Do Peanuts Go Bad?

Buying peanuts in bulk usually ends up in a portion of them still sitting in storage a couple of months after purchasing. At first, we’re super motivated and eat a handful every day, or even make our own peanut butter. But after a couple of weeks, that initial enthusiasm disappears. Then, when organizing the pantry, …

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Bunch of pistachios

Do Pistachios Go Bad?

Seeing pistachios on a sale is not something that happens often, so when it does, you want to pounce on the opportunity. But before you do, you need to know how long pistachios last, and how to pick the best ones. In this article, we talk about storage, shelf life, and going bag of pistachio …

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Shelled hazelnuts in a black scoop

Do Hazelnuts Go Bad?

You’ve bought a pack of hazelnuts to snack on, and they sit in storage for quite some time already. They are past their date, and you’re wondering if hazelnuts go bad. Or maybe you’ve found hazelnuts on a sale and thought of buying some to make homemade Nutella? But before you pull the trigger, you …

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