Does Lemon Juice Go Bad?

Lemon juice is a valuable (often mentioned in weight loss plans) ingredient, but it is mostly used in small quantities. Because of that a lot of people wonder: “does lemon juice go bad?”. Unfortunately, it can go bad, but if you’ll store it properly or even freeze it you can greatly extend its shelf life. This article will give you some tips about storing lemon juice and how you can tell if lemon juice is bad.

Storing lemon juice

When it comes to storing lemon juice, there are a few possibilities, depending on the juice (whether it’s fresh or bottled) and its container (whether it’s opened). If you’re storing lemon juice in the fridge, you should keep it in a tightly sealed tinted (that’s important) bottle. If you would like to extend its shelf life you can freeze the juice. It’s rather unlikely to freeze it in the bottle itself, because if you would need to use the juice, you will have to thaw the whole bottle. Hopefully, we all know that repeating the process of freezing and thawing isn’t healthy for any food. Instead of the bottle, it’s a good idea to freeze the juice using an ice-cube tray or freezer bags. That solution will enable you to thaw lemon juice in manageable quantities. That’s especially useful when you only need a tiny amount of it required a weight loss program. Let’s talk about storing different kinds of lemon juice.

Does Lemon Juice Go Bad?

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Fresh lemon juice

We all know that fresh lemon juice offers the best taste possible. After preparation it should be stored in the refrigerator. The flavor of fresh lemon juice should be fine for a few days (2-4), after that the juice will gradually lose its taste. Even though the juice is acidic, fresh lemon juice lacks any preservatives and therefore it’ll be fine only for a week, maybe one and a half. If you would like to keep it for a longer time, there are two ways: preservatives or freezing. Using preservatives doesn’t seem to be a great idea (especially if you’re trying to live healthy, follow a diet, or a weight loss program), so you should choose freezing the juice as described in the previous paragraph. When it’s stored in the freezer, it’ll be fine for another 3-5 months, or even more.

Bottled lemon juice

Bottled lemon juice contains preservatives that greatly extend the shelf life of the juice. Because of that it can be stored for a much longer time than fresh lemon juice and still stay fine. Somewhere on the bottle you should be able to find a “best-used-by” date. That information doesn’t necessarily mean, that the juice will spoil after the mentioned date. It’s rather a statement, that the taste and quality of the liquid should be fine up to that date, and after that date the juice will gradually lose its taste. The “best-used-by” date usually declares, that the shelf life of the juice is up to a few months, but it should be fine for a year, or so. Until the bottled lemon is unopened, it can be stored in the pantry, refrigerating isn’t necessary (the preservatives will do the work). After opening it you can keep it in the fridge for up to 6 months. If you would like to extend its shelf life, you should freeze it (as described in the “Storing lemon juice” paragraph). It will be fine for another 3-5 months (or even more).

How to tell if lemon juice is bad

The first thing you should remember about the lemon juice is that it should be stored either in the fridge or in the freezer (unless it’s a bottled one and it is unopened). If it stays in room temperature, the bacterial growth is pretty fast, especially if it comes to fresh lemon juice without preservatives. Because of that, if the juice was left in room temperature and you’re not 100% convinced that it’s fine, you shouldn’t consume (or utilize in any food-related way) it. Consuming lemon juice that has gone bad can result in food poisoning.

When checking if the juice is fine, you should look for any changes in color, smell or taste. If the liquid has a darker color, is dull or doesn’t have the citrus taste, it’s probably gone bad.

Lemon juice does go bad, especially if it isn’t stored properly (in the fridge, or in the freezer). If you’re storing it in a fridge, you should pour it into a tightly sealed tinted bottle (if it isn’t there already). If you’d like to freeze the juice, you should utilize freezer bags, it allows you to quickly thaw the juice in whatever amount you need. If the juice was left in room temperature, it spoils pretty fast, so you should examine it carefully before consuming it. If the juice is rightly stored, it will be fine for a very long time (especially when it comes to bottled lemon juice).