Does Orange Juice Go Bad?

Orange juice is one of the most common juices so a lot of people seek the answer to the question “does orange juice go bad?”. Unfortunately for them the answer is affirmative. It does go bad and this process goes quickly when the bottle is already opened. If you’ll store orange juice properly, you will be able to extend its shelf life a little.

How to store orange juice

The best place for the orange juice is the refrigerator. If you’ve bought a bottle of orange juice and its label doesn’t clearly state that it has to be refrigerated, then you can store it somewhere else, like in the pantry. Even though it doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge, it doesn’t mean that refrigerating it is a bad idea. Quite on the contrary, it’s still the best to put it in the fridge, it’ll extend shelf life of the juice. When it comes to an opened bottle of orange juice, or fresh orange juice, they both have to be refrigerated. If not, they’ll probably go bad in a matter of several hours.

Shelf life of orange juice

The shelf life of orange juice depends on the method of preparation and how the juice was stored. When it comes to fresh orange juice (also the fresh bottled one), it’s usually fine for a couple of days, maybe a week, if it’s kept in the fridge. It doesn’t contain any preservatives so it’s very vulnerable. Bottled juice should have an “use-by” date written somewhere on the label. That information is only a suggestion, that the product (unopened!) should be edible up until that date. When it comes to unopened bottled orange juice, then the juice should be fine for over a year if stored properly. Once the bottle is opened, everything changes – the liquid should be fine for a week, sometimes one and a half, that’s it. After that deadline, even if it doesn’t seem that the juice has gone bad, the safest thing to do is to discard the liquid.

Does Orange Juice Go Bad?

How to tell if the orange juice is bad

There are primarily three ways to tell if the orange juice has gone bad. You should start with pouring the juice into a transparent glass, so you can see the liquid clearly. The first way it to look carefully at the liquid itself. If it contains any signs of mold or any other masses, it’s probably spoiled. You should also look for any unnatural (if the juice is a little darker than usually it doesn’t mean it’s spoiled) changes of color, that also indicates that unhealthy bacteria or mold has developed in the juice. If the juice looks fine, then you should smell it carefully. If it smells oddly or unpleasantly it’s probably gone bad. If the juice looks and smells fine you can try the last way to tell if the juice has gone bad – you have to taste the liquid. If it has an unnatural taste then it’s probably spoiled and the only thing you should do with the juice is to discard it.

You should know by now that orange juice does go bad. Once a bottle of orange juice is opened, it will spoil in a matter of 10-14 days. You should be also aware that the best place to store orange juice is the fridge, even if its label doesn’t state that. Last but not least, you know how to tell if the juice has gone bad. Hopefully the information provided in this article solves your problems regarding orange juice.