Do condiments go bad?
(credit: anirvan)

Most condiments go bad, but the duration of this process depends strongly on the kind of condiment. Most condiments should be stored in the fridge but that’s not always true. If you store condiments properly they won’t go bad and will maintain their freshness for longer.

Does vinegar go bad?

Does Vinegar Go Bad?

Every adult has this “why do we have four opened bottles of vinegar?” moment probably every couple of years. That’s when we wonder: does vinegar go bad?

Does Rice Vinegar Go Bad

Some varieties of vinegar are quite popular, like balsamic or apple cider vinegar, while others not so much. Rice vinegar belongs to the latter group. You’ve probably bought a bottle because a recipe called for it. Now you find yourself with rice vinegar that’s past the date on the label. Does rice vinegar go bad? …

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Does mustard go bad?

Does Mustard Go Bad?

So you’re warming up some sausages and notice that your mustard is months past the date on the label. No wonder since it’s there for longer than you can remember. Yup, you’re not the only one who stores a half-open jar of mustard for months on end. But the question that brought you here is: does mustard go bad?