Dips and sauces

Fresh pesto

Does Pesto Go Bad?

“Does pesto go bad” is a question that’s easy to answer. Since it contains basil, an as we all know basil goes bad, the sauce itself goes bad as well.

Does Guacamole Go Bad

So you’ve bought a small container of guacamole and used most of it in a dish. Now you’re not quite sure what to do with the leftover avocado spread. The answer to the question “does guacamole go bad?” is obviously affirmative, but you don’t know how long you can keep the sauce in the fridge. …

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Hummus in a plastic box

Does Hummus Go Bad?

Does hummus go bad? If you need a simple answer – it goes bad. The more important thing is how to store it to keep it edible and tasty as long as you can..