Does It Go Bad?

Information about storage and shelf life of various products

Does it go bad

There are literally thousands of products available on the market. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember how to store those products properly or how long do they take to go bad. Sometimes we have some leftovers in our pantry or fridge and we don’t really know whether the product will be fine. Most products have a “use-by” or “expiration” date on the label – it’s important to know how to use and interpret that information. Lastly, it’s not always obvious to tell if certain product is spoiled.

Expiration day. It does go bad.
(credit: mag3737) is a site that is meant to help you if you’ll encounter problems related with the listed topics. If you don’t know how to store certain product, how to tell if it has gone bad, or how long is its shelf life, will help you!

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